Edenchain’s Second MVP: E-Edge

E-Edge is Edenchain’s second MVP demonstration before crowdsale. Detailed technical functionality of E-Edge can be found here.

Last week, Edenchain already demonstrated our first MVP, the E-Explorer which was designed for non-technical users to view transaction, block, and batch data. Find out more here

E-Edge is a web interface for developers to manage APIs and namespaces. Developers can test their APIs and quickly obtain results without any programming, making blockchain development less abstract for developers than other blockchain platforms without APIs or an E-Edge equivalent. See how the interface looks in the demo below!

It is also Edenchain’s unique distinction from other blockchain platforms. APIs are core to the Edenchain platform. A key reason why enterprises are slow to adopt blockchain technology is a lack of access to talent with blockchain development expertise. There is an insufficient number of blockchain developers and it is expensive to hire a team of blockchain developers.

The RESTful APIs available on the Edenchain platform means that enterprises no longer need blockchain developers. Most developers are already comfortable using APIs and with a basic understanding of blockchain infrastructure, they will be able to easily test how their services/products can be tokenized. For enterprises, the RESTful APIs lowers cost of development significantly and spurs adoption.

An extensive suite of APIs coupled with greater functionality will be developed in the future. Edenchain has the goal to create a blockchain platform that is operated solely using APIs, eliminating the need for extensive blockchain coding expertise.

Edenchain, smart contract for global enterprises.

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